About Us

YOUR Media seeks to provide a compelling on-demand audio content alternative for middle-class millennial.

We are #WhereYouAre. We employ new technology to seamlessly integrate video and audio content.

Where you are...
Your Media is in your pocket,
in your heart and so much more.


Too often podcasts are a single channel of distribution that lose track of the bigger picture. 

We hope to change that by creating on demand content centered around human interest. 

We will distribute this content through podcasts, social media platforms, LIVE shows and events. 

We are on a mission to be game shakers in the industry and be a force for positive change and inspiration for women in South Africa. 

People > Everything.
Without people we are nothing.
Your Media is YOU.


• We strive to be where YOU are.

• We are, above all things, kind & compassionate.

• We explore new ideas.

• We do what we can with what we have.

• We tirelessly strive for perfection, accepting that we will never arrive.

• We are more than a great team. We are family. And that is enough. 

• We think slowly. Then move fast. 

• We are not interested in the media. 

• We are a refuge from misinformation 

• We design interesting experiences that go beyond the podcast.